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Fiber Internet is Made for Streaming

Is it time to cut the cord on cable television and switch to streaming, but you’re not sure how that works or where to find all the channels you watch?

Streaming television gives you everything traditional cable and satellite does, like live TV, local channels and live sports all in one place. It offers DVRs to record your favorite shows, and you can even set it up with a traditional channel guide and surf TV the way you always have.

So why hasn’t everyone switched to streaming? Well, every year millions and millions of Americans cut their cable and use a streaming service once they realize it gives them everything a cable provider can, and more! What deters most households from switching is either a poor Internet connection, or they just do not know where to start because there are so many choices. GigabitNow can help you with both of these problems! We can provide you with ultrafast fiber Internet, and we have partnered with MyBundle to help you select the streaming service that is right for you!

Give the MyBundle tool a try, it’s simple and easy to use. It will walk you through what channels you care most about and lead you to streaming service choices that fit your wants and needs.

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