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  • Unlimited Bandwidth
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  • Use Multiple Devices at the Same Time

When Can You Get It?

While the Fullerton FiberCity project is being built you can sign-up for service to make sure you are one of the first in town to get service. Once your neighborhood construction has been completed, home and business installations will begin. Those residents and businesses that sign-up early will receive services first. Don't wait to check your address and sign-up, it costs you nothing to save your place in line!

Steps to Get GigabitNow Fiber Optic Internet


Check Your Address and Sign-Up

Check when your address can be installed. Once your address is verified, make sure to sign-up as it will save your place in line and make sure you are the first to get service in your neighborhood!


Account Setup

When construction gets close to your neighborhood, you'll get a reminder to setup your account. Once you setup your account and payment method, you will receive details on your selected speed plan, additional equipment and optional services.



Once the network has been installed in your neighborhood a real person will reach out to confirm your installation date and time. A technician will install fiber to your home, the home gateway equipment and any other installations you requested.



Before the technician leaves your home, he will confirm your Internet speeds and activate your service. Your home or business is now connected to the fastest fiber optic Internet in Fullerton, California! Go see what you have been missing!

Fullerton FiberCity Timeline

The current state of progress for the Fullerton FiberCity project. This timeline gives you the most up to date information on the progress on the Fullerton FiberCity project. Updates are listed here for each phase as progress is made.


Pre-Construction Completed

SiFi Networks design team has completed the design and construction plans for construction to begin bringing connectivity to the neighborhoods and businesses in Fullerton. Construction of the network is the next step.


Construction (Started)

The SiFi construction team is actively installing the main backbone of the fiber network throughout Fullerton. This is the longest phase of the project and will deliver fiber connectivity to all neighborhoods and business locations.


Service Activation (Planned for Spring 2020)

The network is now live and GigabitNow is actively bringing homes and businesses online with the fastest Internet service available today.

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