New Fiber Internet Exclusively for Salem!

  • Fastest Wi-Fi Available
  • No Bandwidth Caps or Throttling
  • Stream Across Multiple Devices Without Buffering
  • Fast Symmetrical Upload/Download Internet Speeds
  • Unlimited Bandwidth for Multiple Users at the Same Time

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Getting Fast and Reliable Fiber Internet is Fast and Easy!


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Let Your Property Manager Know

We need your help! GigabitNow would like to bring you and your neighbors the fastest, most reliable fiber Internet in Salem. In order to service your community, we will need to gain access to the property.

You can help us by downloading our Property Management Flyer and sharing it with your property management and/or property owner.

Let management know that tenants want better Internet and encourage them to reach out to GigabitNow so your community can connect to the new fiber network being built exclusively for Salem.

Property Management Flyer


Take Advantage of the Benefits a Gigabit Connected Home Offers

Get All Your Work Done Without Leaving Home

  • Faster File Transfers
  • Cloud Computing Access
  • Clear Video Conferencing

Connect to a World of Educational Resources

  • Quickly Download Large Files
  • Video Conferencing is Smooth
  • Fast Access to Online Educational Tools

Stream Your Favorites from TV, Movies, Music

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Stream with Zero Buffering
  • Use Multiple Devices at the Same Time