Gig speed Internet is the best sort of tech phenomenon — a long-imagined, long-rumored advance that is actually becoming a reality before our eyes. People have long dreamed of Internet speed so fast it would seem almost futuristic, and now, as hinted at in the post ‘GigabitNow Pledges to Keep Americans Connected’, reliable and lasting gig speed Internet is available. As a Bartholomew County resident you now have access to fast, reliable gig speed fiber Internet from GigabitNow.

The general positivity of this development speaks for itself. We all value speed in our online activity, which makes gig speed an unquestionably good thing. But it’s also worthwhile to consider some of the specific advantages this new Internet provides, both for businesses and residents in Bartholomew County.

For Businesses

Better Video Conferencing

As USA Today’s analysis of Zoom and the future suggested, the video conferencing we’ve all gotten used to during the COVID-19 outbreak is probably here with us to stay — at least to some extent. But gig speed Internet will make it better. The pace of data transfer is simply so great that video feeds will be less likely to stall or experience latency issues.

Better Value of Employee Time

A faster Internet means more can get done in a shorter amount of time. Employees will spend less time waiting for pages to load, trying to download files or transmit communications over low-speed connections, and so on. Gig speed Internet may provide a legitimate boost in productivity.

Faster Loading

Businesses today invest a great deal in their SEO efforts. Much of this investment goes toward the generation of strategic content. However, search experts at Ayima also emphasize that loading speed can impact SEO friendliness. In short, a business website that loads slowly will not rank as well on search engines as one that loads quickly. Thus, with gig speed Internet, a business can see its SEO efforts get a boost simply from the fact that its content will load more quickly.

For Residents


Gaming is one of the topics people talk about most when considering gig speed Internet. This is not so much because speed solves a particular problem; modern gaming is already awfully impressive. That said, the speed of data transfer that gig speed Internet brings about, as well as this Internet’s ability to handle multiple users, should introduce new possibilities for gaming. Bigger and more complex games, as well as more impressive real-time multiplayer, will all come about in an age of better Internet.

Video Streaming and Immersive Media

In various tech platforms’ guides and overviews of gig speed Internet, video streaming and immersive media are both mentioned as key benefits. More demanding media, such as 4K streaming and 360-degree VR, will simply be more impressive with this kind of speed and reliability. They will likely represent some of the most tangible improvements we see.

Cloud Backup

A lot of individuals still back up their files and data locally, or perhaps use cloud options only for certain things. But gig speed Internet brings about such rapid data transfer that it makes it both easier and more appealing to use the cloud. More individuals are likely to turn to this kind of external storage without worrying about having anything but instantaneous access to their files when needed.

We could go on to describe more specific functions and benefits, but these cover some of the highlights, and demonstrate just how impactful this change will be. And if you’d like to learn more on the subject of gig Internet, we invite you to explore GigabitNow Bartholomew County for updates and information.

Published: September 21, 2023 • Guest Author: Jane Bayfield