In the heart of Bloomington, Indiana, there’s a special place that has been brewing more than just coffee. Needmore Coffee Roasters, founded by Katie Mysliwiec Slavin in June 2014, is more than just a coffee shop. It’s a testament to dedication, community, and the pursuit of a dream. And now, with the power of GigabitNow’s brand-new fiber network, they’re taking their journey to a whole new level.

From One-Pound Roaster to Community Icon

Needmore Coffee Roasters, a humble coffee shop born from a one-pound electric roaster and a dream, embarked on a remarkable journey that saw them flourish. Inspired by fond memories of Needmore Elementary School in Springville, Indiana, owner Katie named her business after the place close to her heart. The business began by selling freshly roasted coffee at local farmers’ markets in Gary and Valparaiso. Fueled by a growing demand, the journey led to a move to Chesterton, Indiana, in 2014, accompanied by a three-pound roaster crafted by Katie’s father. Soon after, in 2015, they invested in a new three-kilo drum roaster, necessitating yet another move. In March 2017, Needmore Coffee Roasters returned to Bloomington and opened “Needmore Coffee Bar & Roastery,” providing ample space for roasting, brewing, and serving their delightful coffee, along with in-house baking. It became a hub for the community, embracing local craftsmanship and fostering a sense of home.

Facing Challenges and Emerging Stronger

The journey of Needmore Coffee Roasters faced its share of challenges, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, their incredible community in Bloomington and loyal customers worldwide rallied behind them, helping them not only survive but thrive. Today, they express their heartfelt gratitude to those who stood by them, continuing to create exceptional coffee and offering a place where people aren’t just another order, but where you can slow down and feel like a local, even if you come from somewhere else.

The Need for Future-Proof Technology

As Needmore Coffee Roasters continues to grow, their journey now takes another exciting turn. Their success has led to a need for future-proof technology, and that’s why they’ve embraced the power of GigabitNow’s business fiber. With ultrafast and reliable Internet at their fingertips, they’re all set to reach greater heights, connect with customers more efficiently, and continue to be a cornerstone of the Bloomington community.

Katie and the Needmore Coffee Roasters team have shown that with the right blend of passion, dedication, and the right technology, the sky’s the limit. As they continue to roast, brew, and serve excellence in every cup, their journey serves as an inspiration to businesses and dreamers alike.

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Published: November 9, 2023