People are constantly online, whether checking their work emails, posting on social media, or looking up takeout menus for dinner. It’s no wonder we rely on having a fast and dependable Internet connection.

Many individuals are working from home and going to school online now, too, so having the right type of Internet is essential.

Fiber Internet is an option that apartment building owners and renters should consider installing. Here are a few reasons why.

What Is Fiber Internet?

Fiber optic (or just “fiber”) Internet is a type of broadband connection that can deliver up to 940 megabits per second (Mbps), with a low lag time. It uses fiber optic cables to send the data and transmits information in the form of light rather than electricity.

The system’s two key components include fiber optic cables and the stretch between the main network line and the endpoint, known as the “last mile.” A strong Wi-Fi signal is required to take full advantage of fiber Internet.

Beamform Technology

Wi-Fi systems often use a type of technology called beamforming. This is where the signals are focused and transmitted specifically in the direction of the receiving device.

This helps create a stronger, faster, and longer-range signal. This technology has proven vital in apartments that experience interference from outside networks.

The Benefits of Fiber Internet for Tenants

Fiber Internet offers several advantages for users, including the following:

1. Faster Download and Upload Speeds

Fiber Internet is faster than other Internet connections, which reduces page load times. This can increase users’ productivity throughout the day, whether they have work projects or online school assignments to complete.

It can also make unwinding after a long day more relaxing, since people can load their shows and games faster.

2. Better Reliability

Fiber Internet is also more reliable than other options because it is not as frequently affected by colder conditions and other extreme weather. Having a reliable connection allows information to be gathered quickly for work or school assignment purposes. It’s important to have a strong Internet connection that won’t cut out midway through meetings, too.

Unreliable Internet connections also make it harder to keep up with friends and family over video chatting applications, such as Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom. Many people rely on this technology to safely interact with their loved ones as the pandemic continues.

3. A Stronger Signal

Fiber Internet does not degrade as quickly as other options over a distance. This feature is beneficial for people who live in apartments with a roommate and need their own spaces to do work. Even if each person is far from the main router, they will still have a strong Wi-Fi signal.

Benefits of Fiber Internet for Apartment Owners

There are several ways in which fiber Internet specifically helps landlords as well as renters:

1. Increases Property Value

The faster speeds and reliability of fiber Internet increase a building’s property value. Building owners can increase rent prices because they offer an attractive feature for potential renters.

2. Quick and Easy Installation

Installing fiber Internet is a fairly simple process. Conduits for connectivity already exist in many apartment buildings, so fiber cables can be brought to the building to extend them.

Another popular option is to install a new line in the room with the appropriate circuit and use fibers to bring connectivity directly to the tenants.

The installation process for fiber Internet is also less time-consuming and cost-effective compared to previous technologies, like coaxial cables, which were unwieldy and expensive.

3. Helps Attract and Retain Tenants

Providing fiber Internet will help apartment buildings stand out from their competition. Having a fast Wi-Fi service available is a highly valued amenity for renters. With so many people spending countless hours online, a reliable Internet connection is to resident satisfaction.

Plus, having a fast and reliable connection already installed will save renters valuable time. They can avoid searching for Internet providers and taking time away from work to wait for an installation crew to arrive.

This will keep renters happy and reduce the rate of turnover while attracting new tenants at the same time.

Fiber Internet Has Plenty of Perks

Fiber Internet can provide many benefits for both renters and property owners. The speed and reliability attract tenants, boost property values, and keeps all parties happy.

Published: February 22, 2024 • Guest Author: Devin Partida