Many people still watch cable television, despite the limited channel options and the high expense. Cable TV can cost up to $75 a month for only a basic plan. On top of that, most households also subscribe to multiple streaming services in addition to their cable.

You may be hesitant to cut off cable at first but having the right service and considering all the benefits can make it easier.

Why Get Rid of Cable?

Cable is an outdated service. The features other services offer, like streaming, are much more relevant to current watchers. Here are a few reasons why more people are transitioning away from cable service.

1. Streaming Services Have It All

Many of us understand the advantages of having streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. They offer a plethora of TV shows and movies for a certain price every month, commercial free. What is less well known are services such as YouTube TV and DIRECTV Stream, which allow you to stream your live and local programming. For essentially the same price (or less) you can get your traditional channel lineup without the cable box. Just like standard streaming services you can watch on multiple devices, from multiple locations, at any time.

Some of the most common streaming services are as follows:

  • Netflix: Hosts original and popular TV shows and movies
  • Hulu: Hosts original and popular TV shows and movies
  • Disney+: Hosts any content created by the Disney company
  • Peacock: Hosts any content from NBC and some original shows
  • DIRECTV Stream: Streams live programs and events
  • YouTube TV: Streams live programs and events

2. Saves Money

Cable television can be expensive. A household can subscribe to several streaming services and have a wider array of things to watch for the same price. They can get more bang for their buck by transitioning away from cable. Still, keeping an eye on how many streaming services they subscribe to is crucial for every household’s budget. If they can cut down somewhere, they should — but streaming services always seem to have more value than cable.

3. More Convenient

Access to streaming services is much more convenient than cable. Streaming services are offered on many devices and can be accessed anywhere with an Internet connection. Cable requires excessive hardware like extra wires and cable boxes for any TV where you’d like to watch. Streaming services allow for easy access on your phone, computer, or TV.

How to Replace Cable

Many people who transitioned from cable to satellite TV in the past permanently switched from their television provider to streaming services. Households can put streaming apps on their phones, computers, and televisions. Plus, the ability to watch on multiple screens simultaneously allows families to enjoy streaming services after learning how to cut the cord from cable.

1. Upgrade to Faster Internet

The television of the future relies on faster Internet. Fiber Internet is the quickest kind out there, and while it isn’t available everywhere yet, it certainly makes a difference in the way people go online. Fortunately, GigabitNow is giving everyone in Fullerton the opportunity to get fiber Internet.

Fiber Internet has reliable strength and speed that allows people to use multiple devices at once in a household without buffering or lag.

2. Research Other Options

The most well-known streaming platforms have been around for over a decade, but the COVID-19 pandemic had more households staying at home and watching TV than ever before. As a result, all streaming services saw an increase in users.

Many platforms compete to offer the greatest variety of shows for the most competitive price. It’s up to each household to figure out what they prioritize — would they like the reality shows on Discovery+ or the classic cartoons of Disney+? — and make a list of the services they want to subscribe to.

For customers who may miss the live events and channel lineups associated with traditional cable, there are alternatives. DIRECTV Stream, YouTube TV, and Hulu Live are all options that boast the perks of cable without the cable connection. GigabitNow fiber Internet provides fast speeds that support all streaming needs.

3. Say Goodbye to Cable

People that get everything in order can finally cut the cord and get rid of cable. It might be hard at first, especially for households with many recordings saved, but families will feel better off in the long run. They must contact the cable company and cease service with them at this stage. Then, the whole family can start enjoying their streaming services.

Sever All Connections with Outdated Cable

Cable still has its uses here and there, but for the most part, it is squashed by the popularity of streaming services. It can be so expensive for a, sometimes, unreliable service, so households should start moving toward fiber or faster Internet and a few streaming platforms that offer them the content they want to see. Current trends now allow homes to have more control over their televisions than ever — and many more families are embracing that freedom.

Published: February 15, 2024 • Guest Author: Devin Partida