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Amerige Heights Fiber Network Construction Updates

The current internet service provided by the HOA will not be affected during construction. It is on a completely separate fiber network that is unrelated to the new fiber network that is being installed. Once the Fiber Construction Phase has been completed in your section of the neighborhood, residents that enrolled for GigabitNow service will receive a call to schedule a time to have the new service installed in their homes. Once the new service is installed and activated in each home, the resident will still have internet access on the old network until the old network is turned off. Residents will have an overlap of internet services from GigabitNow and the old provider during the transition as long as they enroll and get installed before the old services are turned off. Once all of Amerige Heights has been transitioned to the new GigabitNow internet service, only then will the old service be discontinued. There is no additional cost for the HOA or to the residents for the dual internet services during the transition.

Construction Timeline

Construction Zones

Last Updated: 6/22/22

The zones represent the approximate order that the network construction will take place place from May through August, beginning with Work Zone 1 and concluding in Work Zone 14. When network construction starts on a street, it might continue into zones in a non-sequential order. Some streets overlap into multiple zones and may not be built in the exact order of work zone, where continuity of construction is required to complete work in the appropriate manner. Door hangers will be placed on a residents' door approximately 1 week before construction starts on their street. No parking signs will be posted a few days prior to the beginning of construction. For any construction related questions, please call or email SiFi Networks at or 951-816-9628.

Construction Process

811 Marking

811 markings are required by law in order to excavate safely around utilities. When the construction is complete, the utility markings will be removed.


The microtrenching process cuts a small channel along the edge of the gutter pan and the asphalt. Once that is complete, the microduct is placed into the trenchline and make a drop to each home.

Microduct Installation

The microduct is pulled from a truck and laid into the trench line and placed at the locations designated in the construction plans.

Reinstatement Process

Once the microduct is installed, the reinstatement of the trench begins. We reinstate first with a sand covering over the duct, then a cementitious fill to the top of the trench. We then cap the trench to ensure integrity and prevention of water and other elements from entering the trench.

Final Reinstatement

Sample Reinstatements (L to R)(Top to Bottom) No gutter pan, along the gutter pan, post slurry.

Vault Locations

Vault locations are placed flush mount into the ground and are remediated to ensure the grass growth or vegetation is restored over time. This is the same location after a few weeks of grass remediation.

Hello Amerige Heights Residents!

For the past 18 months, the Amerige Heights Board of Directors have been researching solutions for a new HOA Internet Service Provider. After an extensive search, they are pleased to announce GigabitNow as the community's new partner. One of the goals during the search was to futureproof and upgrade the aging network within the community. In doing so, we are moving to more robust services and internet speeds on an updated fiber infrastructure which will be provided by the Fullerton FiberCity network.

Before the upgrade can begin, new fiber must be installed below the HOA owned streets (many public streets are already complete). The start date for this first phase of the project is Monday May 2nd and will continue for several months in phases until complete. As new fiber is installed in a section of the community, GigabitNow will reach out to those homeowners to upgrade the current fiber optic modem (ONT) that is inside every residence. Because a new and completely separate fiber network is being installed in Amerige Heights, and in each residence, there will be an overlap of internet services. The current internet provider (Fibersphere) will remain active until the installation is completed by GigabitNow which is expected to be in the 3rd quarter of this year. No homes will be without service during this transition. It should also be noted that this upgrade will not affect residents that currently have internet services that are provided outside of the HOA benefits.

The new internet service will take us from the current 100 Mbps download speed to 2 Gbps (2,000 Mbps) symmetrical. Every residence will also receive a new ONT which features a built-in WiFi 6 router that residents can choose to use. Residents can also use their own personal WiFi router if they prefer. The goal was to give residents options, services and equipment that they never had before. Most importantly, there is no increase in HOA dues to residents for this change in Internet Service Providers.

The community is being divided into multiple Zones to help manage the project in a timely manner. Residents will receive a notice on their door 1 week prior to fiber construction starting in their Zone. "No Parking" signs and cones will follow a few days later. All the details, updates and progress about the fiber construction and the GigabitNow internet service rollout are available at Please check the website on a regular basis during this transition as the schedules may change.

Multiple community events are being held to answer any questions or concerns that residents might have. All the events will be listed on the website under the "Events" tab.

If you have any general questions, please feel free to reach out to the Amerige Heights Internet Committee at or you can call Amindra Jayasinghe or Elgin Kim at 213-260-9569.

For any construction related questions, please call Marcus Bowman or Geoff Spickler at 888-766-9475 or email at

We thank you for your patience during this upgrade to the community.

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