The Internet is necessary for everything in today’s world, which is why poor, unreliable Internet service can slow down your entire day. That’s why GigabitNow has teamed up with SiFi Networks to develop one of the largest privately-funded fiber Internet networks in the United States in Fullerton, California. The fiber network will provide extremely fast and reliable Internet speeds to all residents and businesses in Fullerton. The fiber network will empower the city of Fullerton to move forward with smart city initiatives like traffic control, street lighting, communication needs, and more while offering residents fast, reliable gigabit speed Internet far superior to anything available today. This Internet service changes everything!

Gaming changing fiber Internet speeds will give Fullerton residents the ultimate Internet experience. With faster and more reliable service, everyday use of the Internet is painless, allowing you the ability to utilize current technology better and new technology effortlessly. GigabitNow is offering Fullerton residential users a choice of two Internet plans — 350 Mbps for $60 a month and 1 Gbps for $79 a month. Both Internet plans give users a better online experience than anything else available today and will save both time and money.  

GigabitNow fiber Internet plans allow any user to stream, play, work and learn from their own home with the fastest Internet speeds in town. With GigabitNow telecommuting, studying for school, streaming your favorite show, or getting in some online gaming with friends is easy and reliable. Plus, GigabitNow can handle as many users as you have connected — GigabitNow Internet service scales easily so everyone in your household has the same fast, reliable experience without slowdowns. Our network provides symmetrical gigabit Internet speeds to residents and businesses large and small. Symmetrical means Internet speeds are the same for uploads and downloads — it is that awesome!

Now more than ever, everyday activities rely on fast, reliable Internet speeds. With GigabitNow Fiber Internet, Fullerton residents and businesses can get the best Internet experience while saving money. 


Fastest Speeds In Town — Up and Down

  • 350 Mbps Speed Plan at just $60 /Month
  • 1 Gbps Speed Plan at just $79 /Month
  • Small Business 1 Gbps Speed Plan at $99 /Month
  • Additional Enterprise Business Plans Available 


Unlimited Bandwidth Means Unlimited

  • Stream with Zero Buffering
  • No Data Transfer Caps or Speed Throttling
  • Use Multiple Devices at the Same Time


Reliability That Surpasses Your Expectations

  • The network is designed with redundancy in mind for superior availability and uptime.
  • Fiber doesn’t corrode over time like cable or telephone cables and doesn’t wear as fast.
  • Fiber scales, allowing for future speed capability up to 100 Tbps (100,000 Gigabits per second!!)


Stream, Play, Work, and Learn Online Without Issues

  • Multiple Users Online at the Same Time
  • With Upload speeds being just as fast as download speeds, everything is fast.
  • Internet with consumer-focused net neutrality data privacy policies.

GigabitNow is an industry pioneer with more than 28 years of experience with turnkey solutions for planning, design, construction, operation and support of gigabit fiber networks. GigabitNow has a large west coast footprint of networks that includes multiple communities across the west coast.

“GigabitNow is excited to deliver fast, reliable Gigabit Internet that surpasses anything being offered in the city today,” said Steve Milton, CEO of GigabitNow. “Our Fullerton project is designed for speeds and reliability that put the cable and telephone companies to shame. GigabitNow is very proud to be able to provide these kinds of world-class offerings to the City of Fullerton.”

GigabitNow is a division of IsoFusion, one of the largest privately held ISP and colocation providers in Western Washington. Founded in 1991 as ISOMEDIA, IsoFusion offers a full range of services proving everything from managed data center and colocation services, commercial fiber and ethernet connections, custom fiber-to-the-home community solutions, hosting and dedicated server options, and technology consulting for businesses.

Are you ready for GigabitNow Fiber Internet?

GigabitNow offers two fantastic Internet speeds of 350 Mbps and 1 Gbps. Our service will take your online experience to a whole new level when you stream, play, work and learn from home with GigabitNow Fiber Internet. Why not give it a try? There is no long-term contract or hidden fees that keep you tied into an expensive long-term plan, and we have 24/7 live U.S. based customer service available whenever you need it. Experience the Internet how it is meant to be and sign-up for the ultimate Internet — GigabitNow!

Published: December 23, 2019