‘Tis the season to be techy, and GigabitNow is here to sprinkle your holidays with the magic of smart living. Let’s explore three festive ways to elevate your holiday cheer using Fiber Internet.

Brighten Up the Holidays with Smart Christmas Lights

Smart Christmas lights, just as their name suggests, are the holiday stars that twinkle with the brilliance of smart home technology. Compatible with Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant, these lights do more than glow—they bring innovation and convenience to your festive setup. No more wrestling with cords or crawling under the tree; control your decor effortlessly with the magic of your voice.

Deck the Halls with Smart Plugs

Elevate your holiday setup with smart plugs, the unsung heroes of a tech-infused winter wonderland. With GigabitNow’s Fiber Internet, you gain a robust connection to control your lights with ease. With an array of smart plugs available for both indoor and outdoor use, cater to your holiday light needs effortlessly. Seek out the key feature of scheduling based on sunrise and sunset times, and for an added touch of enchantment, find a plug with a sunrise/sunset offset. This customization allows you to decide when the lights should twinkle, whether it’s just before sunset or after, ensuring your captivating display doesn’t prematurely steal the show in the daylight.

Turn Up the Holiday Cheer with a Connected Playlist

As we embrace the festive spirit, don’t forget the soundtrack. With GigabitNow’s fiber speed, craft a connected holiday playlist that fills your space with joyful sounds. Sync your smart speaker, schedule festive tunes, and invite friends and family to join the playlist party. Choose from classic carols, Hanukkah tunes, or the rhythmic beats of Kwanzaa to tailor the perfect soundtrack to your unique celebrations.

Bonus: Setting the Holiday Mood with Smart Home Routines

Elevate your ambiance effortlessly with smart home routines. Use a smart doorbell to welcome guests with instant holiday cheer. Or create a cozy Christmas Eve with a dimmed environment and a curated playlist, all at the command of your voice. Host a holiday party with Alexa’s party tricks, playing your favorite playlist or keeping track of Santa’s journey.

Tech the Halls and Spread the Fiber Cheer

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or just the joy of good Wi-Fi, GigabitNow has the tech to match your festive spirit. Here’s to a season that’s connected and filled with techy wonders for everyone, naughty or nice!

If you’re ready to upgrade to the speed of Santa’s sleigh, click here to discover GigabitNow’s offerings. Happy holidays, and may your season be tech-tacular and full of GigabitNow magic!

Published: November 30, 2023