Millions of households across the nation are switching to using fiber Internet. This revolutionary Internet technology can benefit consumers in numerous ways. Here are seven reasons to switch to fiber Internet.

1. High-Quality Video Streaming

Fiber Internet utilizes fiber optic cables that transmit data at light speed. With ultrafast speeds, customers can stream videos in high definition smoothly and enjoy high-quality video calls with their friends and loved ones.

2. Enhanced Gaming Experiences

With high speeds and low latency, fiber makes it ideal for gamers who want to stream their gaming sessions or play online. Customers can play their favorite online video games without worrying about lag or losing their connection. This makes fiber Internet a smart choice for gamers who regularly use online game streaming services.

3. Using Multiple Devices at Once

With fiber Internet’s fast download and upload speeds, you are able to host video calls, stream HD content and play games simultaneously without worrying about dropping content. With the proper speed plan, you can overcome the restrictions of broadband providers and avoid dropped calls from not enough bandwidth.

4. Internet You Can Rely On

Fiber Internet is also more reliable than traditional broadband connections. Its fiber optic cables are resistant to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and are not affected by the presence of other wires or electronic equipment nearby.

5. High Upload Speeds

Say goodbye to slow upload speeds when you upgrade to fiber Internet. This revolutionary Internet technology offers the same blazing-fast speeds for uploads as it does for downloads. This means you can broadcast your gaming sessions and host video calls with crystal clear video and sound quality.

These upload speeds also help you to upload files in a fraction of the time it would take on a broadband connection. Fiber Internet is the perfect choice for anyone seeking to maximize their productivity while working from home.

6. Investing in Future Proofed Technology

Thanks to new innovations that keep the technology moving forward, the Internet is constantly evolving.

Dial-up Internet technology was initially replaced by cable Internet. This was then replaced with broadband. In the present day, broadband is being replaced by fiber Internet. However, fiber Internet could be considered the final frontier in the home Internet realm.

This technology’s blazing fast speeds and reliability allow it to meet every home Internet user’s need for the foreseeable future. Any further developments in Internet technology will likely continue to utilize fiber optic technology. This also means you can boost your property value by investing in fiber Internet today.

7. No Contracts, No Fees, No Risks

The residential fiber Internet we offer at GigabitNow comes with no contracts, no hidden fees or taxes, and no risks. This means the basic installation can provide you with fiber Internet service with no upfront costs.

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Published: March 2, 2022