A New Corporate Brand Name

At the Facebook Connect 2021 conference, which took place virtually on October 28, 2021, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveils Meta, which encompasses the tech giant’s myriad technologies and social applications under a single new corporate brand. Meta now becomes the parent company for all social platforms owned by Facebook. These include Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, and VR/AR.

The focus of Meta is to breathe life into the metaverse, which is a virtual space poised to help people discover and connect with communities and grow their businesses on the platform. It certainly came as a great rebranding initiative, especially when scrutiny looms on the tech giant for stoking addiction and hatred on its social networks.

The Concept of Metaverse

Zuckerberg wishes to make the metaverse feel akin to a hybrid of all social experiences that take place online today. These experiences are sometimes expanded into 3D or projected on physical reality. Metaverse will allow you to share immersive experiences with even geographically distant people and do things together that couldn’t be done in the physical world. It’s a remarkable evolution in social technologies, and certainly, it marks a new chapter for Facebook in the realm of social technologies.

Meta as a company creates technologies that establish strong connections between people, helping them find communities that align with their goals and expand their businesses. The goal is to move beyond two-dimensional screens and include immersive technologies like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), both of which have already been explored greatly by the tech company. In the annual Facebook Connect conference, Facebook brings together developers of both technologies, marketers, and content creators to celebrate the realm’s growth momentum.

The 2021’s virtual event explored the experiences that would define the metaverse over the next decade. These include social connection, commerce, entertainment, fitness, gaming, work, and education. The company at the conference last year also unveiled new tools that would help people build for the metaverse. A notable one was Presence Platform, a tool that would enable the creation of new immersive experiences.

The metaverse is visualized to be a space where you can work, interact, and connect with others by means of online immersive experiences. With the help of VR technologies, you can immerse yourself in three-dimensional spaces that take you beyond physical reality. You and your folks can discover amazing new experiences. On the other hand, AR technologies allow you to include playful and fun virtual effects to your photos and video effortlessly at the tab on a screen, thereby creating a medium for you to express yourself to people who matter to you the most.

Although Facebook’s corporate structure does not change with the launch of Meta, its financials definitely will. Meta stands on strong principles to serve everyone. The company works to make its technologies accessible to all and promote economic opportunities. Most importantly, it takes ample measures to keep protect people’s online safety and privacy. The goal is to make people feel heard within their communities and help them foster enduring relationships on all of Facebook’s social platforms.

Published: August 25, 2022