Fiber optic connections provide home users with Internet infrastructure that is accessible, scalable, and affordable. More importantly, it allows for future growth.

Home and commercial users are safe in the knowledge that the technology behind fiber Internet will grow and adapt to their evolving needs and demands in the near future.

If anything, a fiber optic Internet connection will be pivotal to expanding our digital footprint. It is technology that is placed firmly with the future at its core. It provides boundless opportunities to build and create more.

Let’s go over 3 key reasons why fiber optic Internet services in Fullerton are future proof.

Affordable Download and Upload Speed

The gigabit speed offered by fiber optics is the primary reason behind its unprecedented growth. At such massive speeds, fiber optics allows for more than just streaming HD content, it also facilitates seamless communication between IoT (Internet of Things) devices. Uninterrupted access to IoT devices is predicated on a fast and efficient Internet infrastructure, which is where fiber optics comes in.

Data shows that there will be over 11.57 billion connected IoT devices by 2022.

A quick comparison to the next best (affordable) alternative, copper cables, will reveal that fiber optics is several orders of magnitude superior to copper cables.

Fiber optic Internet also outperforms the competition when it comes to latency. Latency often gets lost in the shuffle, but it can make or break your experience with Internet services, especially for gamers. Simply put, it is the amount of time it takes for information to be transmitted between the ISP and an Internet connection. It is measured in ms, and the lower this number gets, the better.

Fiber Optics Are Impervious to Electromagnetic Interference

Current copper networks were simply not designed to transmit data. Most were created for voice communication, and they simply lack the technology needed to compete as speeds increase. More importantly, copper, being a metal, is highly susceptible to interference from radio and electrical waves. Give the fact that our homes and offices are surrounded by electronic devices that frequently transmit data, this can easily interfere with Internet services.

This makes copper-based Internet connections less versatile. Moreover, data sent across copper lines can be intercepted by third parties.

Fiber, quite simply, is impervious to influence from outside. You don’t have to worry about close proximity to other electronic systems or devices. This allows for more wide-ranging applications.

No Need to Upgrade in the Future

Although fiber optic connections are relatively new, the technology itself has been around for years.

Fiber lines have laid the groundwork for global communication since the inception of the Internet. This infrastructure isn’t going away any time soon — it is robust enough to handle the harshness of the ocean floors and can hold up when the weather is at its absolute worst.

All of these qualities make fiber extremely future proof. Studies have shown that fiber’s bandwidth capacity goes well beyond the current top speeds of Internet technology.

So why don’t we have Internet connections to the tune of 1 terabit per second? That’s because the infrastructure at either end of the fiber connection is simply not capable of transmitting data at such a scale. It’s difficult to say when such equipment will arrive, but when it does, our existing fiber optic connections will be there to provide support.

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Published: June 11, 2021