In today’s era of hyper interconnectedness, you need a fast Internet connection to keep all your computers and devices connected. A slow Internet connection no longer cuts it. The insufficient bandwidth will get choked up once someone starts streaming HD videos — and that ends up slowing the Internet down for everyone.

Of course, you could pare back on your online activities, such as video gaming and streaming, but that’s really not advisable. If only you had a faster Internet connection — one that’s reliable and doesn’t break the bank.

Enter fiber optic Internet — which uses light to transmit data without any interruptions to achieve unparalleled Internet speeds.

High-quality fiber Internet can let you do several things online — from streaming your favorite TV shows to playing competitive video games. Here are four things you can do with a fiber-optic connection.

Use Smart Home Devices

Smart home devices share data on a continuous basis to receive commands and provide you with updates. A thermostat, for instance, will only need commands from your phone or control panel to regulate temperature. A camera, on the other hand, will throttle your Internet connection unless you have sufficient bandwidth to support the ginormous amount of data being exchanged.

This is where fiber optic Internet comes in. You can integrate various Internet of Things (IoT) devices on the same fiber optic connection and still not experience slowdowns. For a complete guide on smart home and automation, check out our blog.

You’ll be able to “Cut the Cord”

Cutting the cord, in the context of the Internet, refers to ditching traditional cable service providers for streaming services. This makes sense — why watch a traditional TV when you can watch your favorite content, on your own schedule, in high definition? However, streaming services can also choke up a slow Internet connection.

A fiber optic Internet connection can provide speeds of up to 940 Megabits per second, allowing you to stream everything at 1080p and beyond without any hiccups or artifacts. Cable television doesn’t come close to the same experience.

The best part is that you can get all of your favorite content at a fraction of the price, as long as you have a fast and reliable Internet connection.

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Create Backups to the Cloud Easily

Cloud apps like Google Drive and One Drive let you create backups of important data to free up space on your PC. It’s also more convenient to access useful information from anywhere in the world. Your only limitation is the download and upload speed. Without a fast fiber optic Internet connection, it will take you hours, or days, to upload and download all your data in time.

Work From Home is Now Easier

The events of the past year forced many businesses to adopt work-from-home measures. This means you’ll now have to work using collaborative apps such as Zoom and Google Meet to complete projects. A fiber optic Internet connection will improve your productivity and minimize any disruptions to your workflow.

This also applies to students streaming their lessons over video. You can go ahead and stream high-quality videos without any delays or packet loss.

Is your Internet connection not fast enough? At GigabitNow, we pride ourselves on providing lightning-fast fiber optic Internet speeds. Get in touch with us for more information.

Published: December 16, 2021