Residential Area in Fullerton, CA
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Residential Area in Fullerton, CA

Pricing Matters Just as Much as Speed — Save Money and Get More!

Residential Fiber Optic Internet Pricing

No Boosting, Throttling or Bandwidth Caps — Just Awesome Fiber Optic Internet

GigabitNow Fiber Optic Internet

Fiber optic Internet from GigabitNow is a game changer — fast, reliable, affordable! Use multiple devices in your home at the same time, from streaming tv and movies, playing games or music, taking advantage of personal assistants, connected appliances, or home security, and, of course, access to all the good stuff on the Internet. GigabitNow gives you all the Internet you need now and for tomorrow.

Genuine Customer Support

We're here to make it easy, our local U.S. based customer support center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are always available to troubleshoot any problem that may occur. We're happy to assist you.

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The Ultimate Home Internet

  • Reliable, Consistent Gigabit Speeds
  • Fast Symmetrical Speeds
  • Unmatched Network Reliability
  • Stream, Play, Work and Learn without Buffering

Awesome Fiber Optic Internet Value

  • 24/7 Live Customer Service
  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Long-term Contract
  • Unlimited Data Transfer

250 Mbps


  • Starter Plan for General Usage
  • 250 Mbps Upload/Download Speeds
  • No Limits on Usage or Devices
  • One-Time Setup Fee of $30

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1 Gbps


  • Best Value, Speed and Experience
  • 1 Gbps Upload/Download Speeds
  • Use All of Your Devices Without Limits
  • Setup Fee of $30 - Waived if Pre-Ordered

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What Can You Do with GigabitNow Awesome Fiber Optic Internet?

Our fast fiber Internet lets you do more — it does not limit you, there is no boosting, no throttling, no bandwidth caps, no constraints on the sites you visit or personal data being tracked. We are an Internet service that is different than cable, the telcos and all the rest, because we actually deliver fast, reliable, uncomplicated Internet at an affordable price. Internet where you can go anywhere, stream anything, for as long as you want — without limits.

GigabitNow Internet gives you access to exceptional reliability to stream, play, work and learn — use multiple devices at the same time, use personal assistants, the latest in home automation and easy access to online health services, telecommuting and school systems and networks. All the Internet you need now and for every need in the future.

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Exclusive Residential Telephone Service

Want to keep a phone in the house and keep your current phone number? We do that too! Our telephone service has the newest calling features that are professional grade with the clarity and reliability you require. Get this at a fraction of the cost and without all the hassle and extra charges common with other providers. Just add it onto your account and we'll get you setup!

  • Use New or Existing Phone Number
  • Includes Free Local Calls to US and Canada calls (excludes AK and PR)
  • Many Professional Features for Calling and Phone Service Management


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Renters and Tenants in Multi-Family and Senior Living Properties

If you are a renter in a multi-family, or senior living property, and would like to have GigabitNow fiber optic Internet you too can sign-up for service! But first we have to work with your association or building owner to gain access to your building. Be sure to download the flyer below and share it with your apartment owner or management company to get your home connected to GigabitNow fiber optic Internet.

Multi-Family Info Sheet

Fullerton, California Apartment Building

Why Choose GigabitNow Fiber Optic Internet For Your Building?

GigabitNow offers you the best in fiber Internet speeds and reliability, but it also gives your property a little extra as well. Fiber optic Internet values and benefits for MDU style properties are second to none.

Value to Residents and Tenants

Awesomely Fast Internet

Awesomely Fast Internet

Gigabit Symmetrical Internet Speeds, Faster, Reliable, Affordable

Use Multiple Devices

Use Multiple Devices

Unlimited Bandwidth for Multiple Users at the Same Time

Stream with Zero Buffering

Stream with Zero Buffering

Stream, Surf, Game Across All Devices Without Buffering

Value for Property

Increased Tenant Occupancy

Increased Tenant Occupancy

Fast, Reliable Internet Is the Most Important Amenity to Renters

Increased Rental Values

Increased Rental Values

Tenants Will Pay up to 8% More for Gigabit Fiber Buildings

Greater Overall Satisfaction

Greater Overall Satisfaction

Gigabit Fiber Adds 11% Net Income per Unit to Owners Overall

*property value results based on national third party study

Apartment Owners and Management Companies Call Us to Get GigabitNow Fiber Optic Internet Added to Your Property, 1-800-468-3939

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