SiFi Networks Fiber Installation: What to Expect

Now that you have scheduled your appointment for installation, get ready for Fiber Internet!

On the scheduled day, a SiFi Networks technician will arrive to install your GigabitNow fiber Internet connection, meeting with you to outline the process before any work begins.

The process typically involves:

  1. Installing a fiber optic cable underground from the nearest network access point along the street to your home.
  2. Once the underground fiber is installed to your home from the street, an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) is installed on the wall, and a very small hole is made through the wall to the router on the inside of the home. This hole will be sealed afterward to ensure no future issues occur.
  3. Next, the technician will mount the Internet router inside your home and connect the fiber from the ONT.
  4. The installation technician testing the connection and verify you and your devices are getting the expected speeds and service.

NOTE: Access will be needed to an electrical outlet to connect the fiber network router. If you prefer the fiber to enter your home at a specific place to get better Wi-Fi coverage or wired access, let the technician know upon arrival.



Actual Southern California Installed Home

In most cases, the amount of topsoil that is disrupted is limited but may be necessary depending on the property. When things like grass is needed to be dug up, the sod will be laid back in place after construction. We also take additional care when working with manufactured turf lawns and have expertise in making sure the area is returned to how it was before installation.

Most SiFi Networks Fiber Installations take less than 4 hours, and everything is restored as they found it! If you have any questions, please reach out to us at 1-800-468-3939 or by email at