PR Event in Columbus

(Columbus, IN — June 14, 2023) — Mayor Jim Lienhoop, fiber internet service provider GigabitNow and Meridiam’s Hoosier Fiber Networks today announced that Columbus’ first homes are ready for fiber internet home connections and order availability for GigabitNow fiber internet service.

More than 450 homes in the “Big Block” downtown Columbus area are ready for connection to Columbus’ new fiber internet network, with an additional 1200 homes expected ready for connection by the end of summer. Since the project began, nearly 175,000 feet of fiber optic conduit has been laid throughout Columbus.

“Columbus residents require state-of-the-art fiber internet to live, work and learn in the 21st century,” said Mayor Lienhoop. “With the first homes ready for fiber internet service, we are progressing on our goal of serving every member of our community with the highest-speed and quality internet regardless of income level.”

Only fiber is robust enough to deliver the stability and symmetrical upload and download speeds needed for remote work, education, and healthcare. It is less prone to outages than traditional cable, and it is a generational solution with nearly unlimited scalability and adaptability to future applications.

“Everyone at GigabitNow is excited to be bringing fast, reliable fiber Internet to Columbus, Indiana,” said Stephen Milton, CEO of GigabitNow. “We are pleased to invite residents of Columbus to sign up now to ensure they are the first to receive fiber Internet service in their neighborhood and take advantage of network launch special pricing.”

Designed to be accessible to Columbus residents regardless of income level, the City and Hoosier Fiber Networks are collaborating on one of the country’s most comprehensive and innovative public-private partnerships to help low-income and digitally marginalized households access top-quality fiber internet service.

“Columbus’ digital access program will bring the power of fiber internet connectivity to Columbus residents regardless of income level,” said Dion Newton, Digital Equity Manager, Hoosier Fiber Networks. “In addition to laying fiber in communities throughout Columbus, the City and Hoosier Fiber Networks will connect qualifying low-income residents to service and equipment subsidies and with digital literacy programs to facilitate online work and job searches, education and healthcare.”

Eligible low-income residents may qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Plan (ACP) to receive at least a symmetrical 250 megabits per second (Mpbs) plan at no cost to the user if ACP is applied. The City and Hoosier Fiber Networks will together provide the “drop” connection to qualifying households.

Residents can find more information about low-income qualifications by visiting GigabitNow’s website

Residents can also receive real-time construction and registration updates via a new dashboard and learn more about the network at