Technology is great until it suddenly stops. Now more than ever tools we use to communicate through the Internet are being put to the test as more people have to work from home, and students are having to learn through online classrooms and tools. Working from home can be positive for everyone but it also means that we need to protect the technology we are using. Doing this ensures that we can keep working and learning without falling into the hands of a cybercriminal. We have put together our top troubleshooting tips and tricks for keeping your devices protected and running smoothly while working from home:

  • Anti-virus software: check to make sure this is updated and in place for all of your devices.
  • Security software: check to make sure this is up-to-date; this include privacy tools and patches that need to be checked regularly for updates.
  • Firmware: firmware updates can be found on most device manufacturer websites. These can increase your performance, fix bugs or security breaches.
  • Wi-Fi connection: ensure your connection is secure. Sometimes older routers might not be able configured to handle today’s challenges, so they may need to be updated or replaced.
  • File Backup: make sure that all important files are backed up regularly. Hard drive failures do happen from time to time; keeping your data securely backed up is always a good idea.
  • Automatic updates: make sure to turn-on automatic updates for your device’s apps and other programs. Manufacturers provide security patches regularly to keep up with new threats.
  • Turn off unused devices: if you’re not using that older computer, video game console, Internet capable DVD player or child monitor, turn off or disconnect the device. It will save power and not present a potential target to be compromised.

Taking a few extra minutes to check and to properly set up your devices is essential for the protection of all your important data, including the security and health of all your connected devices. Remember, these easy troubleshooting tips should be followed all year long to maintain the protection and health of your personal information, devices and connectivity.