Hey Indiana, did you feel the magic in the air on November 24th? GigabitNow sure did! We joined the Canopy of Lights bash to turn downtown into a twinkling wonderland.

As the clock hit 7:00 pm, the stage on Kirkwood Avenue buzzed with the tunes of the Bloomington Brass Band. Mayor John Hamilton and the man in the big red suit—yep, Santa himself—led the countdown. Boom! The Monroe County Courthouse lit up, and we were all in a Hallmark movie scene.

Our GigabitNow crew wasn’t just there to admire the sparkle; we were rocking festive gear, mingling, and sharing the joy of fiber Internet. Got questions? We had answers! It was all about making connections and adding a sprinkle of holiday cheer to your night. As you stopped by our canopy, you might’ve snagged one of our blue “fiber” twinkling lights to help brighten up your night.

Around the square, there were treats, tunes, and even some dance moves from Windfall Dancers. The Bloomington Symphony Orchestra played their hearts out, and Santa made sure we sang our hearts out too.

But it wasn’t just about the glitz; it was about giving back. The Monroe County Board of Commissioners hosted a food drive to spread even more love during the holidays.

As the lights sparkled, and Santa waved goodbye, we couldn’t help but feel grateful. Bloomington, thanks for letting GigabitNow be part of your festive traditions. Here’s to more magic, more connections, and maybe even more twinkling lights next year! Happy holidays, Indiana!

Published: November 30, 2023