You have probably heard about the new, state-of-the-art fiber optic network being built exclusively for Shelbyville. With unmatched reliability, this new network will allow every Shelbyville resident and business to experience fast, reliable Internet speeds!

Fiber Internet will not only benefit residential users and businesses, but it will turn Shelbyville into a Smart Cities. Fiber Internet plays a crucial role, providing communications infrastructure that can transport a lot of data with low latency. Easily allowing the use of Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud-based systems.

Due to inadequate and poor quality of Internet offered by the incumbent telecoms like AT&T and Xfinity, Shelbyville was in desperate need of a high-speed Internet solution for residents and businesses.

Who is behind the Shelbyville Fiber Network?

Hoosier Fiber Networks is a fiber optic broadband infrastructure provider, responsible for the build out of a fiber-to-the-premise network that is anchored in Bloomington, and serves Columbus, Shelbyville, and Bartholomew County. Hoosier Fiber Networks works with communities across Indiana to close today’s digital divide by building reliable fiber infrastructure that will be sustainable for the next 100 years. We specialize in developing, designing, building, financing, maintaining, and operating fiber broadband networks structured as either public private partnerships or privately funded infrastructure projects.

Meet your Fiber Internet Service Provider!

GigabitNow is a division of IsoFusion, Inc, one of the largest privately-held ISPs in western Washington. IsoFusion is a full solution provider of Internet connectivity and IT solutions that cater to local businesses, as well as providing complex solutions to companies with a national presence. IsoFusion offers a wide spectrum of Internet services backed by a high capacity network and customer focused support. Our full catalog of services spans an amazing range of IT services and expertise including, server colocation and custom data center solutions, business connectivity services, fiber and ethernet connections, private and hybrid cloud, network design, and cabling installation, even live 24/7 systems monitoring and maintenance.

Due to increased customer demand, IsoFusion developed the GigabitNow division which focuses on connectivity for planned communities and municipalities nationwide. GigabitNow has over 33 years of experience in connectivity and has been developing fiber networks since 2004. One of our networks, the Highlands Fiber Network, serves over 4,000 homes and businesses in Issaquah, WA and was recognized as a pioneer of FTTH by Broadband Communities in 2013.

Issaquah Highlands community, home to Highlands Fiber Network powered by GigabitNow.

GigabitNow focuses on suburban, regional communities, rural and underserved areas. We believe in community self-reliance regardless of location which is reflected in one of our most recent projects along the underserved northern California coast. GigabitNow is a one stop solution provider who develops customized fiber Internet solutions for public and private communities, multi-dwelling properties and existing networks by taking care of everything—design, construction, operation, services, billing and 24/7 support.

SiFi Networks felt it was important to bring the best possible Internet service provider to Shelbyville, and GigabitNow is proud to be of service. GigabitNow is excited to provide an in-demand service for residents and businesses, enabling Shelbyville to seamlessly experience the Internet how it is meant to be by providing ultrafast, reliable fiber Internet and Wi-Fi speeds to residential customers and gigabit business-class Internet and digital solutions to businesses.

GigabitNow’s game changing fiber Internet speeds are so fast everyone will be able to work, learn, stream and play with multiple users and multiple devices. Both of our available speeds are symmetrical, upload speeds are just as fast as download speeds. Working and attending classes from home will be simple and stress-free!

Benefits of GigabitNow Fiber Internet

  • No Contracts or Hidden Fees
  • Free Installation and Setup
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Stream with Zero Buffering
  • Unparalleled Network Reliability
  • No Data Caps or Throttling Your Speed
  • Multiple users, multiple devices at the same time
  • Symmetrical Speeds: upload speeds are just as fast as download speeds

Ready for next level Fiber Internet?

If you are ready to ditch your current Internet service provider because they’re slow, unreliable or you’re being hit with fee after fee, upgrade to faster, more reliable connections with fiber Internet! GigabitNow provides you with ultrafast fiber Internet speeds and the fastest Wi-Fi available today with our Wi-Fi 6 router. Plus, we don’t have contracts or hidden fees like the other guys. Take your Internet experience to the next level with GigabitNow. Don’t forget to check out our residential fiber Internet packages and learn how you can have the fastest Wi-Fi in town with the newest technology. Businesses in Shelbyville can get up to speed with ultrafast fiber Internet and digital solutions. Check out how you can benefit from GigabitNow’s fiber Internet service and order today!

Published: November 16, 2023