GigabitNow is ushering in a new era in Shelbyville, Indiana, and our inaugural customer’s journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of ultrafast fiber Internet.

Our debut customer in Shelbyville recently shared their excitement, stating, “Just got service installed in my home in Shelbyville and cannot be happier.” With GigabitNow, their family of five enjoys smoother Internet access for TVs, phones, games, and gadgets. The increased speed has significantly improved their daily connectivity.

The customer’s position was crystal clear: “I would highly recommend reaching out and getting set up once the availability is there.” With GigabitNow’s ongoing expansion in Shelbyville, the chance to experience ultrafast fiber is closer than ever.

GigabitNow’s ultrafast fiber Internet is transforming Shelbyville, and more residents are joining the movement. We’re here to offer reliable service and accelerate your digital experience. Ready to be our next success story? Reach out and embrace the future of connectivity in Shelbyville, Indiana!

Published: November 9, 2023