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Who is behind this?

Fiber Network Construction

SiFi Networks is the owner, operator, and builder of the new fiber network known as Placentia FiberCity®. The fiber optic network being installed for Placentia is being constructed with the most cutting-edge technology used today. Using a method called micro-trenching, the network will be installed city-wide; first through city streets, next into neighborhoods, and then right up to the curb of properties. While this is a multiple-year project it doesn’t mean everyone has to wait to get connected. As sections of the new network are fully constructed, those areas will become available for service and SiFi Networks will release them for the next step: home installation.

Note: Portions of Placentia are already serviceable, and customers are using GigabitNow Internet today!

Home Installation

Residents who have ordered Internet from GigabitNow, the Internet Service Provider, can expect to be contacted by SiFi Networks to schedule an installation appointment once their home address becomes serviceable. During this appointment, SiFi Networks’ installation teams will bring the fiber from the street to the resident’s home and set up their home network. From there, the resident will be moved to the final step: Internet with GigabitNow.

Internet with GigabitNow

Following installation, GigabitNow will then be the resident’s new Internet Service Provider. At GigabitNow, we supply ultrafast and reliable home Internet at affordable prices. There are no contracts, hidden fees, or setup charges. SiFi Networks selected GigabitNow as the Internet Service Provider on the Placentia FiberCity® Network based on our 30 years of experience and award winning 24/7 live US-based customer support. GigabitNow is excited for Placentia to experience the Internet how it is meant to be!

What is it?

A state-of-the-art fiber optic network being constructed exclusively for the city of Placentia, California. All residents and businesses can take advantage of the network by signing up for service. Signing up to take service now saves your place in line so you will be one of the first activated with the fastest Internet available today.

Our Internet service is different than cable, DSL and all the rest, because it actually delivers fast, reliable, uncomplicated Internet at an affordable price. Unlike monolithic telcos, our fiber optic network is designed with more resiliency, offering faster speeds and using the most advanced electronic systems available today at a far better price to you than the other guys.

Stream, play, work and learn without disruption or buffering. The network provides symmetrical gigabit Internet speeds to residents and businesses large and small. Symmetrical means Internet speeds are the same for uploads and downloads — it is that awesome! Plus, we also offer the home and business phone services to save you even more money!

Placentia Residential, MDU and Businesses

Need to Know Information

Who is behind this?

SiFi Networks and GigabitNow are Bringing Faster, Reliable Internet

What is it?

Fast Symmetrical Gigabit Fiber Internet and Phone Service

How does it work?

100% Fiber Optic Network Built by Placentia FiberCity® Project

Why GigabitNow?

Affordable Internet Without Limits, You Get More for Less

What can you do with it?

Our Fast Fiber Internet Lets You Do More — Without Limits

When can you get it?

Construction Started Summer 2021, Activations Began Spring 2023

How does it work?

The fiber optic network being installed for Placentia, California, is being constructed with the most cutting-edge technology used today. Using a method called microtrenching, the network will first be installed through city streets, next into neighborhoods, and then right up to the curb of your property or business.

As the fiber optic network is being delivered, teams will begin installing fiber directly to your residence or business, giving you access to incredibly fast and reliable Internet. Once GigabitNow Internet has been installed, you can start to stream, work, play and use home automation devices like never before. Not to mention access to the latest technology, streaming television and Internet services for healthcare, business, education and more. GigabitNow Internet makes your life easier.

Using Devices in the Home with Fiber Internet

Why GigabitNow?

GigabitNow Builds Networks in the Community

Unlike other Internet providers like AT&T, Spectrum and Comcast who provide cable and DSL Internet, GigabitNow does not limit your Internet speed based on what sites you visit, throttle your speeds or cap your usage. GigabitNow provides Internet service how it is meant to be — fast, reliable, and affordable, free from constraints and privacy worries. We have been providing Internet for over 30 years to businesses and communities across the west coast, so we know how it is supposed to work. We are a private company, here for you 24 hours a day, and focused on providing the best Internet possible. We let you do more and do it faster!

GigabitNow Fiber Internet allows for the best streaming, gaming, telecommuting, business and healthcare services, educational learning and so much more.

Experience The Internet How It Is Meant To Be!

  • Fastest Internet Speeds Available
  • 24/7 Live Customer Service
  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Bandwidth Caps or Throttling
  • Stream, Play, Work and Learn without Buffering
  • Net Neutral and Responsible Data Privacy
  • No Long-term Contract
  • Save Money and Get More

What Can You Do with GigabitNow Ultrafast Fiber Internet?

Our fast fiber Internet lets you do more — it does not limit you, there is no boosting, no throttling, no bandwidth caps, no constraints on the sites you visit or personal data being tracked. We are an Internet service that is different than cable, the telcos and all the rest, because we actually deliver fast, reliable, uncomplicated Internet at an affordable price. Internet where you can go anywhere, stream anything, for as long as you want — without limits.

GigabitNow Internet gives you access to exceptional reliability to stream, play, work and learn — use multiple devices at the same time, use personal assistants, the latest in home automation and easy access to online health services, telecommuting and school systems and networks. All the Internet you need now and for every need in the future.

A Family Using Devices

Find Out When You Will Get Service

SiFi Networks is building a state-of-the-art fiber optic network in Placentia, California. It is exclusively for the use of residents and businesses within the city of Placentia. Find out SiFi Networks’ estimated network construction and activation date in your neighborhood by typing your house number and street name in the box below. Check back to view updates and sign up to receive additional information in your inbox so that you can stay up to date on the exciting progression of bringing gigabit fiber optic Internet to every home and business in Placentia.

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Free Installation, No Setup Charges, No Hidden Fees!

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Free Installation, No Setup Charges, No Hidden Fees!

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