Want the absolute best fiber Internet experience available in your home? If you said yes, then you need GigabitNow’s Gigabit Wi-Fi Plus service that includes the Wi-Fi 6 Fiber Gateway Plus. Our Gigabit Wi-Fi Plus service includes the fastest Wi-Fi router available today, a Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) router. This optional added service is priced at only $11/month, an amazing deal that includes a fiber gateway with advanced Wi-Fi technology and 24/7 technical support.

Experience the Internet how it was meant to be with GigabitNow Placentia we make it easy to get the fastest speeds and reliability you require today and tomorrow. Our Gigabit Wi-Fi Plus service takes your Internet experience to the next level with the advanced technology packed into the Wi-Fi 6 Fiber Gateway and Mobile App.

The Gigabit Wi-Fi Plus service includes the Wi-Fi 6 Fiber Gateway Plus, the fastest Wi-Fi hardware available today! This state-of-the-art fiber gateway delivers amazing Wi-Fi coverage for your home. Leveraging the latest advancements in Wi-Fi technology, including the 802.11ax Wi-Fi standard (also known as Wi-Fi 6), it combines blazing-fast speeds with whole-home coverage to give you an unrivaled experience. Whether you’re streaming HD videos on multiple devices simultaneously, uploading a large presentation, or gaming online with friends, the Wi-Fi 6 Fiber Gateway Plus has you covered.

With Gigabit Wi-Fi speeds, the Wi-Fi 6 Fiber Gateway Plus provides more than enough bandwidth for everyone in your household. Because the Wi-Fi 6 Fiber Gateway provides longer range, higher efficiency and is less affected by interference from other nearby Wi-Fi gateways, everyone in your home will enjoy outstanding Wi-Fi performance, always!

Calix Gateway

Other advanced benefits for this device include:

  • Four gigabit ethernet ports so you can connect a variety of wired multimedia devices for rapid data sharing across your network.
  • The most advanced Wi-Fi standard available today, it’s faster and optimized for performance
  • Dual band support, let’s you take advantage of all the capabilities of Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) using both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. With 4x4 at 5 GHz and 2x2 at 2.4 GHz — Wi-Fi 6 Fiber Gateway Plus is a powerful dual band Wi-Fi system.

Mobile App

Also included in the Gigabit Wi-Fi Plus service is the Mobile Application, an easy to use tool for managing the features of your home Wi-Fi and GigabitNow network service. With GigabitNow’s Mobile App you can access key control features, Wi-Fi settings and view what is happening across your entire network all from your mobile device:

  • View the number of connected devices
  • See the latest speed results
  • Quickly see any important network notifications
  • Enable parental controls
  • Reset the SSID and Password for Wi-Fi
  • See usage on the network
  • And More

Ready to get the most out of your fiber Internet connection? Check out our Gigabit Wi-Fi Plus service and Wi-Fi 6 Fiber Gateway Plus today!

Core Fiber Gateway vs Wi-Fi 6 Gateway Plus

Features Core Fiber Gateway Wi-Fi 6 Gateway Plus
Expanded Wi-Fi
Ethernet Ports 1 4
Built-in VoIP
24/7 Live Support
Extended Wi-Fi Support
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi 5 Wi-Fi 6
Mobile Device Application

Published: December 29, 2021