Better Internet for Anatolia Starts Here

  • Fastest Wi-Fi Available
  • No Bandwidth Caps or Throttling
  • Stream Across Multiple Devices Without Buffering
  • Fast Symmetrical Upload/Download Internet Speeds
  • Unlimited Bandwidth for Multiple Users at the Same Time

The residents of Anatolia will soon have their existing home Internet replaced by a new, ultrafast fiber network!

Anatolia HOA is bringing a new fiber Internet network to your community with faster speeds and better options! All residents will have a 1 Gbps connection included in their HOA benefits. This new network will not only bring better home Internet to everyone in the community, but it will also add value to your home and future proof the entire community's Internet infrastructure for years to come. If you have any non-construction or non-Internet service related questions please call your Anatolia representative at (916) 294-0026 or email for assistance.

Questions for Your HOA?

SiFi Networks will be constructing the new fiber network coming to Anatolia. SiFi Networks is an international fiber optic network developer, who pride themselves on innovative construction methods, financial modeling and collaboration. These networks enable service providers to deliver next generation applications including superfast Internet, video and phone. As you see the construction in your neighborhood, if you have any questions please reach out to SiFi Networks at 1-888-766-9475 or email

Questions About Construction?

After construction is complete, GigabitNow will be your new Internet Service Provider. GigabitNow brings over 30 years of Internet connectivity and customer focused experience to Anatolia. Residents will need to enroll for service and select their preferences with GigabitNow. Once your home Internet is installed and active, GigabitNow's customer support will be available 24/7 to help with any needs. Visit this page to learn more about your new home Internet, network updates and related news. Contact our customer support at 1-866-748-8066 or email at

Questions About Anatolia's New Internet?

Get All Your Work Done Without Leaving Home

  • Faster File Transfers
  • Cloud Computing Access
  • Clear Video Conferencing

Connect to a World of Educational Resources

  • Quickly Download Large Files
  • Video Conferencing is Smooth
  • Fast Access to Online Educational Tools

Stream Your Favorites from TV, Movies, Music

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Stream with Zero Buffering
  • Use Multiple Devices at the Same Time

Important Announcement

As previously communicated by the Anatolia HOA president, SiFi Networks has recently experienced unforeseen construction challenges in your neighborhood. The timeline for the completion of the new fiber network will no longer meet Anatolia’s needs, therefore restricting the HOA’s ability to bring on GigabitNow as the primary Internet service provider for the HOA at this time.

However, SiFi Networks continues to build out their new network for Anatolia as part of the Rancho Cordova FiberCity® project. Residents of Anatolia will soon have the option to independently order GigabitNow fiber for their home. Currently, GigabitNow is in a pre-registration phase in Rancho Cordova. All residents can pre-register for GigabitNow fiber Internet by visiting Residents that pre-register will receive an email from GigabitNow when pricing and speeds have been launched and we begin taking orders online.

Please note that all completed Property Access Forms have been voided and no action is needed by Anatolia residents.

If you have any questions regarding this change, please call your Anatolia representative at (916) 294-0026 or email Anatolia’s GM, Ashley Soto at

If you have general questions about GigabitNow, please call us at 1-866-748-8066 or email at