Anatolia Home Internet Timeline

SiFi Networks will begin construction of the new fiber network in your neighborhood soon.

GigabitNow will let you know when enrollment opens, and you will need to enroll your home for service and choose your Internet options.

Once your home is serviceable on the new network, you will be contacted to schedule your installation.

After your new ultrafast fiber Internet has been installed and activated, GigabitNow will be available 24/7 to support you, however you may need us 1-866-748-8066.

Construction Timeline

When Can you Get it

Construction in Anatolia will occur in phases and will begin soon. As the network build progresses, we will update the map below to reflect the timeline of construction in your neighborhood.

Enrollment Information

All residents that would like to take advantage of this new Internet option will need to enroll for service with GigabitNow. We will send notifications out to the community when enrollment has been opened.

Stay in the Know