Example Step 2 Visit: Exterior Work For Installation

Beginning at the edge of the street side of your property, the conduit is buried 8-10 inches down in the softscape.

Completed external installation in softscape.

Completed external installation up to side of home.

The conduit, brought from the street, is extended to the NID that is mounted to the side of the home. This is where the fiber will be terminated before entering your home.

Anatolia Home Internet Timeline

SiFi Networks will begin construction of the new fiber network in your neighborhood soon.

GigabitNow will let you know when enrollment opens, and you will need to enroll your home for service and choose your Internet options.

Once your home is serviceable on the new network, you will be contacted to schedule your installation.

After your new ultrafast fiber Internet has been installed and activated, GigabitNow will be available 24/7 to support you, however you may need us 1-866-748-8066.

Construction Timeline

When Can you Get it

Construction in Anatolia will occur in phases and will begin soon. As the network build progresses, we will update the map below to reflect the timeline of construction in your neighborhood.

Important Announcement

As previously communicated by the Anatolia HOA president, SiFi Networks has recently experienced unforeseen construction challenges in your neighborhood. The timeline for the completion of the new fiber network will no longer meet Anatolia’s needs, therefore restricting the HOA’s ability to bring on GigabitNow as the primary Internet service provider for the HOA at this time.

However, SiFi Networks continues to build out their new network for Anatolia as part of the Rancho Cordova FiberCity® project. Residents of Anatolia will soon have the option to independently order GigabitNow fiber for their home. Currently, GigabitNow is in a pre-registration phase in Rancho Cordova. All residents can pre-register for GigabitNow fiber Internet by visiting RanchoCordovaFiber.com. Residents that pre-register will receive an email from GigabitNow when pricing and speeds have been launched and we begin taking orders online.

Please note that all completed Property Access Forms have been voided and no action is needed by Anatolia residents.

If you have any questions regarding this change, please call your Anatolia representative at (916) 294-0026 or email Anatolia’s GM, Ashley Soto at manager@anatoliahoa.com.

If you have general questions about GigabitNow, please call us at 1-866-748-8066 or email at support@gigabitnow.com.